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Faith and Fitness Log

Faith and Fitness Log

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While we should never love anything more or pursue anything with greater fervor than our relationship with God, as Christians, we also want every facet of our lives to glorify God. So, it makes sense to look at how your relationship with God affects how you care for your physical body. We are created in God's image; we are wonderfully and fearfully made, and our bodies belong to God.

God wants us to take care of our bodies so we can serve him - but he is such a good and kind and gracious God that he throws in some added benefits for us as well! There is no shortage of scientific research proving the myriad benefits of exercise, and it's all part of God's perfect plan.

So when it comes to topics such as wellness, health and fitness, Christians have a unique perspective rooted in their faith. It's clear that our bodies are not just vessels for our souls but also temples of the Holy Spirit. Taking care of our bodies is not only a personal responsibility but also a way to honor and respect the incredible creation of God.This is your tool for powerful, healthy, and passionate living to help you build physical and spiritual strength and be life to others.

This 90 day fitness tracker will help you stay on track in your health and fitness journey! Especially created to be goal focused, reflections on your day and the workout, and your relationship with God.

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