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Buying Land Guide - PDF Download

Buying Land Guide - PDF Download

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Intended for beginners.

Because this topic is vast, this guide does not cover all topics in depth. Instead, it covers crucial things that you need to know to avoid wasting time, money and headaches.

PREFACE snapshot

In this guide, I will lay out some of the considerations I ran into; cost, usage and possibilities. This guide is not a financial guide, but the intent is that, given your budget, it will provide options for you to weigh against your budget so that you can evaluate whether or not certain existing or non existing features/attributes of the land will fit into your budget.

Please keep in mind, not all topics may apply to you. The endless and vast combinations of what anyone will need or want can’t be assumed. However, if any of the topics do not apply to you, feel free to just skip it or cross it off the checklists that are provided in this guide.

This is your guide to help you stay organized and have the necessary information at your fingertips. All while, being customizable to your specific needs by giving you space to write down your additional requirements, needs, and wants, in the provided checklists.

This is not an off-grid guide but many of the topics also applies to an off-grid eco-system.

Lastly, I want to thank you for downloading this guide. I pray and hope that this guide will be a blessing to you; saving you time, money, and hopefully some headaches and heartaches.

I am however, excited for you and wish nothing but the best for you and your family.

[guide is 58 pages]

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